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I qualified as a Bowen practitioner with the European College of Bowen Studies in 2006. Since then, I have attended many further courses to support my learning in this fascinating and very effective therapy, including training in Fascia Bowen with Howard Plummer and Neural Touch with Gene Dobkin. I am a fully insured and have a current First Aid Certificate. I am registered with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) for Bowen.


In addition to the Bowen Technique, I also practise Walker Technique which has been developed by Max Walker who lives in Australia. He originally was a Bowen Therapist who developed his own technique which offers immediate results in pain reduction and mobility. The Emmett Technique is another progression on Bowen and is still being developed by Ross Emmett. This is again a wonderful technique; gentle and effective and generally only uses 2 fingers to release tight muscles.  I am also qualified in Reiki and combine it with QT (Quantum Touch) to offer a strong but gentle energy healing.

After seeing clients for a number of years I came to realise that many people have unresolved emotional issues and these often add to or indeed cause physical problems.  To help people with non-physical issues, I undertook a  Counselling Diploma which I passed with distinction.   I then undertook two courses on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


I am now also an Advanced Emmett Practitioner and Walker Technique Practitioner.


I practice on Mondays and Wednesdays at Chelsea House Clinic, 30 West High Street, Inverurie AB51 3QR.  If you would like to make an appointment please either contact me direct or go online at If  you want to check for a cancellation during work hours please phone Chelsea House on 01467 624888.  To contact me direct to chat about your treatment or ask any questions you may have, please phone me direct on 07733 288035.


I have seen the many benefits of The Bowen Technique and I continue to be delighted by my clients’ responses and the progress they make.  My learning continues every day and I am keen to develop personally and professionally in the fascinating field of complementary therapy.  I undertake regular continuing professional development courses and activities

The Bowen Technique, for me, is the most all round therapy I have come across.  There are a number of therapies which are holistic, meaning that the treatment affects the whole person not just a specific area, but I have not come across one which has such amazing results as Bowen. It is when talking to relatives of clients that the far-reaching effects of Bowen become apparent. They often make comments like: 'Mum has become so much more confident since she began treatment.' 'Dad would hardly leave the house on his own before he saw you.' That is why I named this site 'ALL ABOUT BOWEN' - because not only is it telling the public all about Bowen but in fact, I very much feel that no matter what the condition or problem, almost everyone can benefit from a Bowen Treatment, so it is, All About Bowen.  The results can often be surprising and not at all what you expect, but nevertheless an improvement, a change for the better whether that is physical or emotional.

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I work from Chelsea House Clinic,

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PHONE: 07733 288035





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