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There are no pre-requisites for starting the Bowen Technique course with ECBS (European College of Bowen Studies). You may have no experience with any therapy as yet or already practise, for example, Reflexology, Shiatsu or massage.

The courses are formatted in such a way to enable people from all backgrounds to learn the Bowen Technique confidently whilst in a relaxed atmosphere.


The course takes around 10 months to complete, although you can take longer if you wish. 

Part 1  4 days

Part 2  2 days

Part 3  3 days

Part 4  2 days

Part 5  3 days

There is a minimum interval of 4 months between Part 1 and Part 3 and also between Part 3 and Part 5.


You can choose to attend each course with the same or a different teacher at another venue in the UK.

You can pay course fees in instalments throughout the training without any additional charge.

You can complete the course at a pace which suits you.

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